Twitter : Why you lack Followers

Y U NO follow meThere has been a social revolution all around us. And many people I know are on Twitter. I also was lucky enough to have a chat with a high profile client last week; this client wants to be heavy on the social media front. Upon prodding, they revealed that the reason they don’t follow many people is that there are many ‘wajuajis’ on Twitter.

You, my friend, may need to reposition your mind on this issue. Here are a few reasons. You really want to have a huge Twitter following, here a few tips: 

  1. You always Tweet out (as opposed to tweeting in/out) and offer zero engagement – yeah, those people who always broadcast and never take time to engage their replies, mentions, direct messages ad follows are guilty of this. They are only in it for the one-way. A conversation is and has never been one way. Stop broadcasting. Just quit it. Well unless of course you’re a wireless adapter. The whole point of having a conversation on Twitter is so that you can have something similar to face-to-face conversation. Make sure you start speaking to people; not at people.
  1. You have no Bio and you have a Boring Avi – I am speaking to you. Yes you whose profile still has a blank image or an egg-head? You will not get very many follows, retweets and/or anything else on Twitter. You will not get a follow back from most people if this is your case. Be sure, myself and others opinions included, that you will just come off as one of those porn-spammers or those trolls that tweet-bot you because you mentions ‘Justin Beiber’ in your tweet.
  1. Your twitter stream is highly irrregular – You really want to have more followers, you have to be frequent. When guys are looking for people to follow, they normally check first your Bio, and then your Twitter stream; otherwise known as a person’s Timeline. 
  1. You are NOT TEAM FOLLOW BACK – Honestly people, Y U NO follow back? There are some peeps on Twitter who feel ‘important’ (read self important) and they cannot follow many people. Or they pretend not to see the follow button. These guys have in excess of 5,000 followers yet they follow like 10 guys. Why? Like how more full of yourself can you be? Twitter is about learning. By all means, DO NOT follow everybody but moving around like you have nothing to learn from your audience is a bit high-horsed (for lack of a better word). Douches? IKR?

So grasshopper, go out there and follow some people. Do it in open spaces, not in white vans though, that is just plain stalkerish. 🙂

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