How Will We Adapt To Google Glass Locally?

Google glass model may be a fail in Kenya juuchini

Ever sat and tried having a conversation with a friend, but felt ignored because they were busy on their phone and/or tablets; texting, tweeting and just updating their social networks? Well, thanks to the new Google Glass, people may finally get to “turn their heads-up” from their hands-on devices. Essentially, Google Glass is a high resolution display with a camera, touchpad, battery and a built-in microphone all fitted into spectacle frames. In one word it is simply Amazing.

Not only does it give you real-time translations of what is being said in your language, but it allows you to take pictures, record short videos and even reply to text messages and emails- hands free and on the fly! And, that is not even the best part, since you can even get GPS directions through issuing voice commands.

Time and again, Kenyans have been aptly labeled a peculiar people. Going by the buzz the Bluetooth handsets created, just imagine how people would react to the Google Glass. Imagine how awkward it will now be to go out on a date and have someone look right at you snap a picture, share it and perhaps even upload a short clip of how the date went; to share with friends later.

In no way do I mean to undermine the advantages that this cutting edge technology would bring. But think about it; for those of us still tied to our vernacular accents, wouldn’t it be rather ridiculous issuing voice commands and getting funny responses from the Glass?

The product is set to be released at the end of 2013. What are your thoughts on the life improvements Google Glass will bring? Check out more of it here.


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