Better Clubbing Experiences With The Florida Club 2000 App

Florida Club 2000 F2 Android App 2 juuchini

Florida Club 2000 F2 Android App 2 juuchiniIf you’re a typical Nairobian, then you already know that Florida Club 2000 (i.e. F2) is Nairobi’s pulse as far as good dance-hall music goes.

What’s different about this club is that it is among the first Nairobi clubs to have a free dedicated app in its name.

What does the app allow you to do? Well, upon launch, it asks you to opt in for a mailing list for exclusive updates and invites for events which you should.. coz y’know, F2 and pretty Ethiopian women. It also gives you the option to call in on +254706577000. The number works. (I tried – LOL)

It also allows you to email photos to their Facebook page, receive the latest updates on special offers and discounts, and make reservations to party at F2 whilst chatting on a F2 specific Fan Wall. The Fan Wall is an interactive social wall where fans can put up comments talking about the music and their experiences at the club. Fans can also put up pictures of themselves having fun at the Club using a feature called the Club Cam that allows you to upload a photo of yourself and friends enjoying yourselves at Florida 2000 and submit it to their active gallery page. Keep in mind however that the more interesting the photo, the higher your chances of winning a ‘great’ prize from the club.

Perhaps the most interesting feature about this app is its Loyalty Coupon system. When you visit the club, you’d need to hand your phone (in which you’ve already downloaded the app – DUH!) to the representative at the door so they can stamp your phone with a digital coupon. If you’re able to accumulate 10 coupons, you get a reduced rate on the entrance fee.

Love it. Love it.

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