What Is The Craze Behind The iPhone?

iphone 5s fingerprint scanner juuchini

iphone 5s fingerprint scanner juuchiniTime and again, I have had people come up to me and ask what all this craze about iPhones is all about.

I mean, not only is an iPhone relatively expensive, but it is also a branch off from the norms of the kind of phones the typical Kenyan is used to. So it got me thinking, just what is it about owning an iPhone?

Style: well for starters, when I hear of an apple iphone the first word that comes to mind is Finesse!. Ask any iphone user and they will tell you, its not just about getting things done, but the “How” it gets done. With an iphone, the excecution is just to die for… the sleekness of metal and glass, an aluminium housing and a sapphire crystal home button to match. If there is one thing apple iphone does well, it is style.

Consistency: There is a tendency for mobile phone developers to downsize on performance, and compromise on certain things with each new device, but with the iPhones, backward compatibility is always taken care of. There are no fears that with the new one you will lose on using a favorite app. Besides, so many good apps comes on the iPhone first it is the device of choice in the developed world countries like the US and the UK.

Graphics:  Needless to say, Apple have (next to) the best when it comes to anything ‘Graphics’. It is clear, concise, and close to perfection. We did an experiment once; by applying the same wallpaper, with the exact same properties across several smartphones with closely related specifications. Truth is, when you see what an iPhone gives as compared to all other handsets, you too will become a believer.

Innovation:  at apple, they always develop with the end user needs in mind. They endeavour to give you the best technology can offer. An example is the new iPhone 5S; an all new first 64-Bit smartphone that comes complete with a fingerprint lock screen.

I guess we could go on and on about why an iPhone is definitely a dream phone. But the best way to put it, if we were to compare to cars, a Toyota could get you from point A to B easy, but in a Ranger Rover then you get elegance, flair, everyone notices and you know you are in the ride. And that is what an iPhone gives you; Elegance, Flair, and ‘stand-out-ability’.

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