How Intel Helps Kenyan Developers Create The Next Generation Of Apps

Intel Developer Zone HTML5 Juuchini screenshot

Intel East Africa has recently stepped up its efforts to become a power house as far as software application creation is concerned. Intel has through its SSG (Software and Services Group) been doing country-wide tours in schools to train developers on how to create applications and tailor/optimize them to run on Intel architecture like what’s in the Intel YOLO smartphone released earlier this year.

Stephen Muiruri is a 3rd year computer science student at Egerton University and he can attest to getting some amazing help from Intel East Africa’s Frederick Omondi on 18th October 2013 during #IntelAtEgerton while developing his first game, Chicken Run, using the XDK software development kit that supports HTML 5.

His HTML 5 Game, Chicken Run, is a simple game whereby the player uses a chicken to hit either green or orange cubes and increases or decreases speed whilst avoiding obstacles.

Stephen says he’s received some invaluable help from the forums after he registered on the IDZ (Intel Developer Zone) because other developers that are registered on it have experienced the issues he faces while coding and have solutions to some of the small issues he has with his code. The forums are excellent also because you’ll often find hyperlinks to Github and Bit Bucket where several other developers have linked their code repositories and have given sample code which one can then fork. modify, and deploy.

Stephen is currently working on his 2nd game and should be releasing it soon.





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