Rapid Communications Introduces Elefone App And 2 Others


Rapid communications, a telecommunications solution provider in Kenya has introduced three online products into the ever growing mobile market, including a social media app, a live streaming service and an online directory service.

Going by the name Elefone, the social media app has been developed to incorporate voice calls, text messaging and group chats which features a push-to-talk feature.

Designed to work like WhatsApp, with the registration process requiring a mobile number through which to receive an entry code, Elefone allows users to make one-on-one voice calls at no charge.

The app has been made available for devices running on Google’s Android operating system as well as Apple’s iOS, with plans to launch a design for Nokia devices running on Symbian. It is not available for windows phone devices.

Elefone app incorporates various features to act as a combination of other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Skype.

Then there is the mobile live streaming service Vooka Online that allows users to stream their favourite TV programs on-the-go through their phones, play games as well as watch and download their favourite music videos.

Vooka, which was first launched last year, has made available only TV channels provided for by StarTimes through a partnership with the Pay TV Company, but says it is working to include other channels from different media.

This service, like the Elefone is not available to Kenyans using a Windows phone device as it is limited to iOS and Android devices as well as the Symbian, which will be coming later in time.

Users wanting to download their favourite videos from the Vooka Online site will be charged a fee of KSh 10 per every download on the Safaricom network. Rapid Communications says plans to launch on other networks are underway.

Vooka Online is also open to anyone who would like to sell their content through the live streaming service, as long as the content is protected.

Third product launched was online directory service TuAsk, which allows people to find businesses close to them by providing the customer with directions to the business.

Access to the TuAsk online service is free as long as you are connected to the internet, but in the case a customer needing the services does not have internet connection, TuAsk offers a call service option that will cost the customer KSh 10 per minute.

TuAsk directory aims to operate like a one-stop shop through providing direction information for all kinds of businesses, including electronics, accommodation, beauty salons, car yards, real estates, and even where to get movies among others.

Rapid Communications, which has operations across Africa and Middle East countries launched the services yesterday, November 4, as pilot products with plans of an official launch to come to Kenyans soon.


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