Apps that Enrich Your iPhone User Experience


Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to live without using a smart phone.

Smart phones have become an integral part of our lives and we tend to depend a lot on these devices for our daily activities. Right from looking for friends’ phone numbers to remembering your loved ones birthdays and anniversaries, the smart phones comes as our saviours. Not to mention there a plethora of apps that makes the mobile phone using experience better and serves daily purposes. If you are an iPhone users, there are a certain must have productivity apps that would enrich your mobile using experience. The top apps are mentioned below:

Paytm – It is natural that most working people tend to forget paying their mobile bills, recharging their internet data card or DTH and other utility bills due to their hectic work schedule. People don’t find enough time to actually go the payment centre to pay the bills. Consequently, people face problems of their services being discontinued or cut off. Now you can get rid of all these hassles by having Paytm app on your iPhone. This wonderful app allows you to get your mobile recharge done, pay mobile bills, and pay utility bills including electricity bill, telephone bill, and insurance premium at just click of a button. Best part is you can pay your bills on the move. Not to mention, while using this app you can also avail discounts on your recharge and cash back by using Paytm coupon codes, you simply have to apply the code on the check-out page and the discount will automatically be applied while you make the payment.

Mailbox – This one is is an excellent email tool that allows you to access your Gmail & iCloud accounts with ease. The best thing about this app is its clean and easy to use interface that allows you to easily scan through the various conversations and messages. You can easily archive or trash the messages with just a simple swipe. The highlight of this app is its snooze option that allows you to retrieve your messages in your inbox at the convenient time.

Trello – This is a highly customizable digital bulletin board that allows you to set up your to do list, notes and more. You can also create lists that are dynamic and you can add pictures and ideas to the notes. In addition, the app also allows you to share your task list with the contacts on your social media platform as well as keep track of your organizational tracks with ease.

Refresh – Often times new business people and professionals becomes a bit dicey especially if you don’t have much information about the person you are meeting. By having the Refresh app on your iPhone you can be sure about having the person’s professional credentials and their personality. The app automatically scans through the ‘to-do list’ and calendar for the appointments and pull out information about the person through platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Besides, app also notifies you about the upcoming meeting.

There are plenty more apps that serve great purpose while using your iPhone but with these app on your phone you would surely feel life is pretty easy.

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