WorkInAfrica Is Revolutionizing Online Recruitment In Sub Saharan Africa

Writer For Juuchini at WorkInAfrica Job Recruitement Website Service JUUCHINI
Writer For Juuchini at WorkInAfrica Job Recruitement Website Service JUUCHINI
Writer For Juuchini at WorkInAfrica Job Recruitment Website Service JUUCHINI

Who is WorkInAfrica? Well, WorkinAfrica is an effective recruitment platform that specializes in finding, growing and connecting the right people with their dream jobs, considering all relevant factors from the company’s organizational culture fit, to the expected skills match, right timing and motivation.

Who does the website benefit? WorkinAfrica is For Job Seekers – The website makes it quite easy for professionals to grow in their profession and find the best-fit job according to their needs, dreams and skills. Not only can job seekers can apply for jobs, but they are presented with a lot of valuable insights that help they grow professionally towards a successful career. An embedded Salary Calculator makes it possible for anyone to receive a full report about how well they are paid compared to peers in the their field of activity as an added feature of the portal which also comes with tests, quizzes and contests that all spice up the platform and the integrated gamification tool makes the process more fun and engaging for them.

Who else benefits from the website? WorkinAfrica is also for Employers who are matched to the best candidates faster and easier as the website recommends the best candidates for their roles in a matter of seconds. The WorkInAfrica site screens and analyses resumes in their database and provides a top of suites candidates for any job they post.

To make it even more effective, employers can create customized newsletters to promote their jobs to highly targeted audiences and this enables them to reach a specific professional profile to which they can advertise their jobs and receive valuable applicants.

What’s more, if you are an NGO looking to hire a great team, WorkinAfrica offers their recruitment service at no charge.

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