A Short Bio On The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom With 10x Optical Zoom OIS And Xenon Flash

Samsung has announced the successor to the hugely popular Galaxy S4 Zoom, the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom; a new camera specialized smartphone that works well to blend advanced digital camera technology with the Galaxy experience.

This device features effortless picture and video capturing ability, real optics, and a great design that offers users a mobile solution they need with a great camera that can take professional-quality visual content (pictures and video).

The Galaxy K Zoom has an advanced technical camera system designed to offer the control and functionality of a professional camera, ensuring that the important moments are never missed and always captured with complete clarity.

How does The K Zoom Do This?

It is equipped with new retracting lens technology that provides 10x optical zoom in a slim and chic body, a 20.7 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor for ultra-clear and detailed images that shoots well in low light conditions and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) that reduces blur caused by normal hand movement when taking a particular shot using this phone. What’s more is that it comes with a Xenon Flash provides a brighter light than LEDs to improve the quality of the image with natural brilliance. What these add-ons do is that they ensures the device delivers pictures and video in Full HD format and that these videos are crisp and sharp, even when the subject is zoomed-on in low light conditions.

It also integrates the most advanced camera usability features and functions, including:

  1. AF/AE Separation (Auto Focus/Auto Exposure Separation) for the precise balance of light and clarity
  2. next-generation Pro Suggest mode which offers 5 optimized filter settings
  3. Selfie Alarm that allows users to take timed selfies with ease
  4. and object tracing for a clear, focused shot of a moving subject

Each of the above features comes with a simple Ui (User Interface), which allows the  user to easily capture photos and videos with great quality in virtually any situation.

The Galaxy K Zoom features an ergonomic grip with sleek lines that feel soft and comfortable when held. It also has some Galaxy features such as Ultra Power Saving Mode for minimizing the battery consumption, S Health Lite for personalized fitness and lifestyle coaching, and a Studio app to allow users to easily edit their pictures and videos.

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