How To Share Battery Charge From Any Samsung Phone Using a Samsung Power Sharing Cable

Samsung Power Sharing Cable EP-SG900UBEGWW-78-0 JUUCHINI
So when most people see the word power sharing, they start thinking Kenyan politics. Well, if that is what you’re thinking of, I’m sorry to have misled you.
Anyway, imagine you have a Galaxy S5 smartphone and another phone that is almost running out of charge. Unfortunately, you’re almost out of the house and you don’t have enough time to recharge your phone. There’s no easy solution. Most people will switch the 2 phone batteries if they’re similar. If they’re not, then you’re messed. Samsung saw this opportunity and created an accessory called a Power Sharing Cable. What does it do? Well, just that: it allows you to share power between a Samsung Galaxy S5 and any 2 tablets and other devices with micro USB ports.
The cable has one side showing ‘out’ and another showing ‘in’ to signify which phone should be ‘giving’ charge and which one should be ‘receiving’ it.
The cable use is also supported by an app, The Power Sharing App, that lets you share your battery as much as you want. This app is currently available only on the Galaxy S5 (to supply power) but will be available on other devices later on.
What does app help with? It warns you when yous start sharing your charge and can also be used to restricts the amount of charge you actually send. You can for instance say you only want to share up to 50% of your Galaxy S5’s battery charge.
How much does the cable cost? Only 15 GBP (KES 2,220) from sites like Clove Technology.
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