The Best Way To Finding The Most Recently Saved Contact On Any Android Phone

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I have a friend. And my friend loves his pints. And his women. And meeting new women. All the time. Literally all the time. So much so he came to me with an interesting problem last evening. He had been out this past weekend and he met several ladies while on his ‘escapades’.

My friend also owns a Galaxy S5 and seeing that it is a superb phone, he obviously wanted to show it off to the girls he met. So for every girl he’d meet, he give her his phone and tell her to save her phone number. Interestingly, some girls would not give themselves ‘missed calls’ so they wouldn’t dial their numbers; they’d only save them in his phone book. This is cool because yes, he scores, But it then presents an interesting problem for anyone with over 2000 phone numbers on his phone.

How do you locate the last saved numbers without scrolling through your entire contact list looking for an ‘unfamiliar name’? So we found an app that does that – Recently Added Contacts.

What does it do? It arranges your contacts in chronological order starting with the last/most recently saved contact all the way to the one you saved first. Only limitation and thing I think they ought to improve – maybe show the exact date and time the new contact was saved and maybe even add a GPS coordinate for it.

How coo would that be? Anyway, the app does what it says it will do which is good enough. My friend is happy now. He talks to his new friends.

You can also get to talk to your new friend ‘Shantelle’, ‘Swiri’ – I don’t know if that is a real name (-_-), and Makena and he has that 41KB app to thank.

Try it. Download it from Play Store here. Oh! You need Android version 2.1 and upwards to use this app.

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