New Gmail Android App Lets You Manage Non-Gmail Accounts

Gmail App Manages Non-Gmail Account On Android OS JUUCHINI

Gmail App Manages Non-Gmail Account On Android OS JUUCHINIA new update from Google is letting users with the Gmail App in their Android devices link to all their accounts in one place in order to allow for better connectivity and seamless view without having to navigate through various accounts.

The update lets users of Gmail App access their inboxes all in one conversational view – and by all inboxes Google is talking even Yahoo and Outlook accounts, meaning that by downloading the latest version of the app, users will not have to worry about missing an email notification because they were not logged in at the time or because they were using their primary accounts.

We are at a time where everyone has more than one email dedicated for specific use, for example, a work email and a social email account to use across the social networks or even a school email account dedicated for pure school related conversations. Operating these accounts on the mobile phone however requires the user to have the different apps and navigate through them; a situation that Google is changing with its latest Gmail update.

Now available for download here or directly from Google’s Play Store, users do not have to wait days for a push notification from Gmail to install the update but can opt to freely download the APK file and install it on their Android phones just like with other applications.

The update does not only cover the All inboxes feature, but has also been released to improve the auto-complete feature for when a user is searching for keywords in a way that will now allow the user to find the correct email address much faster than before.

Also to be expected in the new fixes are more responsive animations when users are navigating through the conversation, attachment previews are now bigger and with a single tap, users will be able to save their emails on Google Drive.

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