WhatsApp Has Added A New Calling Out Feature


In the start of last month, popular mobile messaging service WhatsApp began the roll out of its voice calling feature but was only available through an invitation. Now the feature has begun its global roll out and a user does not require an invitation call to activate the WhatsApp call service that functions by using your data.

The service is currently available to anyone with the latest WhatsApp version of 2.12.19 that is compatible with Android 2.1 devices going up and can be downloaded on the WhatsApp website. Users of Windows Phone and iOS should not be worried though as there are plans underway to have the call feature available for Windows Phone soon while that of the iOS is currently being tested.

When Facebook acquired the messaging platform sometime last year, there was word that the platform would be introducing a call feature that would allow users to make phone calls while online. The move was expected to be seen later that year but there were delays, which led to the introduction this year through reports that the service could be accessed but only via an invitation call.

What then followed was a WhatsApp Call Feature scam through a chat message sent directly to unsuspecting users inviting them to try the WhatsApp call service, but needing them to visit a link first so they could invite other friends. It was a clear scam but the excitement and curiosity that loomed among users must have been too much that some users fell for it.

Now the service is already working for some and you are invited to try it out, but you will need to have the latest version of WhatsApp and even the person you are calling need to have their WhatsApp platforms online and have the compatible version running, otherwise the call will not go through and the user will receive a call failure.

In the case the person being called does not have their WhatsApp on; the call will still go through but will only appear as a missed call once the one being called goes online. Also to note is the call feature uses your data and not your network’s airtime, so for some of us who are stuck to the unfortunate Safaricom network, you will be happy to know that it is actually much cheaper – or at least that’s what my colleague who just made a call for over 10 minutes says.

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